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For Men Only

The Alliance has identified a critical need for services focused on the male caregiver role. Just 15 years ago, men made up only 19% of caregivers in America. Today that number is up to 40% according to the National Alliance for Caregivers.

According to Forbes, “About four in 10 family caregivers are men—sons, husbands, brothers, sons-in-law, or neighbors. We are nearly always ignored in discussions about caregiving, lost in the stereotype of the family caregiver as a 40-something daughter.” The number of male cargivers the Alliance services has significantly increased and as identified by both licensed staff and Board members, there are significant differences in the caregiving role for men and women.

According to AARP, “It is hard to get men to talk about the challenges they face as caregivers. There is that “you just suck it up and do it,” thing and a real reluctance to acknowledge how hard caregiving is.”

In July 2019, the Alliance conducted a Just for Men lunch & learn and focus group to collect data on what types of services were needed to better support the growing number of male caregivers in Smith County.